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Paul Bunyan Tree Care - Tree service Charlotte For a wide range of local tree services performed with passion and skill, call our ISA-certified arborists. Our team will be there for you when you need us in Charlotte and the nearby areas, from proper tree planting to emergency tree services to a lifetime of care. As a tree care company, we want to be responsible for every ring in every trunk on your land. Call us for storm damage tree removal or during business hours for a free tree trimming estimate. Our tree work includes:

Cutting a tree down is usually a last resort but it’s sometimes necessary. It may be diseased, dying, infested or dead. It may have been struck by lightning and stressed beyond repair. Or it may be in the way of a project you have in mind. Whatever the reason, call our tree services for a free estimate on tree removal and stump grinding. We’ll help you decide how much to leave behind, and whether stump removal or grinding will get the job done. 24-hour emergency tree service – If a storm has made a mess of your yard, be reassured that we’re here to help any time, every day of the year. We’ll remove fallen trees and restore your property safely.

Local Tree Services

We are licensed arborists and members of the BBB. And while our tree company is a newcomer, we use a time-honored method of tree trimming and removal: the rope technique. Our arborist uses rope assemblies for climbing and for lowering branches. It’s the best way to do tree work in tight spaces that are too risky for heavy felling equipment. Is it dangerous? Sure, but we are highly skilled and carry full liability and insurance.

Removing Large Trees

Board Certified Master Arborist

Tree preservation is an investment in your home that can raise its value measurably. Our tree work includes regular tree trimming and pruning. Careful cuts ensure that energy will go to the strongest limbs, while getting rid of those that can be a liability. This should be a lifetime process that starts shortly after tree planting. And if you are considering adding some shade, we can help you select the right species and space for it. We’ll test your soil and perform routine tree fertilization to keep it growing strong. We offer you deep expertise and dedication to providing tree services in Charlotte, Huntersville, Lake Wylie and all around Mecklenburg County.



Tree Planting

Tree Planting

Tree planting is an essential part of our business. We want to preserve Charlotte’s canopy by planting new trees for our future community. Get A Proposal

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

The primary arboricultural service is pruning. Pruning is removing parts that are not good for the tree, favoring parts that are good for the tree, and its future growth. Get A Proposal

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Sometimes trees die. And when they do, they can pose a potential danger in the landscape and need to be removed before they fall. We specialize in low impact tree removals to preserve the value of youre existing landscape. Click below to learn more on Tree Removal! Get A Proposal

Tree Service

Tree Care by Professionals, for Professionals

Experience is the best teacher, and we’ve got loads of it. Paul Bunyan Tree Care has been providing “Excellence in Arboriculture” since 1973. You will find that quality tree care is hard to find. With the care of trees in mind, we’ve grown this company from the ground up and we are using our real-world experiences as the driving force behind every decision we make. View Our Work →

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